I would like to share some web links and information about archaeology on the local, regional, and international level. 
I hope you enjoy!

HistoryLink - Washington State there is an amazing non-profit organization called  they do fabulous things with history on the web, and unlike most web histories, they are constantly updating and refreshing the content.

The Randell Research Center (RRC) 
is a permanent facility dedicated to learning and teaching the archaeology, history, and ecology of Southwest Florida. The Calusa were once the most powerful people in all of South Florida. For many centuries they built huge shell mounds, engineered canals, and sustained tens of thousands of people from the fish and shellfish found in the rich estuaries west and south of Fort Myers. My Masters' thesis dealt with the Calusa culture with Dr. Bill Marquardt as my director. Enjoy! 

Project Archaeology uses archaeological inquiry to foster understanding of past and present cultures; improve social studies and science education; and enhance citizenship education to help preserve our archaeological legacy. 

CultureWatch Northwest is a wonderful blog that presents news and information of interest to everyone concerned with history, archaeology, and cultural heritage. CWNW is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the historic and prehistoric cultural resources of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  

American Archaeology is the only popular magazine devoted to the excitement and mystery of archaeology in the United States, with additional coverage of Canada and Latin America. In four issues each year, American Archaeology's colorful features and departments present the research breakthroughs, persistent puzzles, and unique personalities making news in this fascinating field.Published by The Archaeological Conservancy, American Archaeology showcases some of the nation's finest writers and photographers in a beautiful design, tailored for a layperson audience. Readers explore the prehistoric world of North America's earliest inhabitants, the historic past of modern-day cities, and everything in between. American Archaeology also reports on the Conservancy's activities and the preservation cause nationwide.

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